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Company Profile

D&S SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, the parent company of FLY-BYE Bird Control Products was established in 1987. The company started as a one-man operation and quickly grew to a thriving, family run business. We have kept up that momentum since the beginning, now we are a full service bird and pest control manufacturer and distributor employing the best technical and support sales staff around. Supplying company's world wide with affordable bird and pest control products.

As the #1 manufacturer of pest bird products in America we are able to supply the homeowner, architect, facility maintenance or building owner the appropriate product in order to solve their pest and bird problems. Nuisance animal control is our specialty.

Our nationwide network of certified installers can develop a proper plan as each situation can be unique. FLY-BYE's product assortment has solutions for deterring pest birds from building ledges, light fixtures, chimneys, loading docks, rooftops, waterfront docks and eating areas. We also supply bird behavior modification products and traps for relocating.

Millions of dollars in damage is caused every year by pest birds to our buildings, automobiles, roofs etc. Not only can the birds cause substantial damage but they can also cause health problems to your employees and residents they may result in unwanted legal action to building owners and facility managers.

FLY-BYE can help rid your location of these pests. Some circumstances that can be avoided by ridding your facility of pest birds are:

  • Ceiling collapse
  • Fire
  • Leaks
  • Damage to equipment
  • Contamination
  • Adverse affects on company image
  • Health risks

This is why FLY-BYE is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, state of the art products while doing all we can to keep out products at affordable prices.

We continuously train our staff on all aspects regarding bird biology and product information.

Today, FLY-BYE is an industry leader in pest bird control and we are very confident in our education and experience in the aspects of integrated bird management systems. Our sales staff does not work on commission, so you are assured you will get the best service and results available.

FLY-BYE is industry known as providing the best in customer service. We go far beyond our competition giving our all to satisfy our loyal customers

Telephone support, on the job training, in-house seminars and product literature are a few of the resources provided by FLY-BYE.

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